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Welcome to Mooji Subtitles Seva Team

When you treat each "other" from that Place of Oneness, you will not have conflict. You will not have a conflict because it comes from Love.

The sense I AM, another name is Love. The I AM in you and the I AM in another form expresses True Love.

Love is the medium, Consciousness is the language. Consciousness is our common language.

When we are speaking German or Italian or French or English, these are translations of Consciousness.

Consciousness is our common language. ~ Mooji
Namaste Dear Heart,
The hearts of thousands of beings around the world are touched by the presence of Moojibaba. Many of them don't even speak English. This is where subtitling comes in. With the help of beings such as yourself, who freely offer their time to do this beautiful seva from home, Guruji already communicates in 21 languages. It is so joyous that you too feel called to help with this beautiful seva in the Subtitles team.
Because of the increasing demand for translation and interpreting servi…

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