How does the seva flow?

Doing but not doing

You get tired when you think you are doing something for ‘other’,
when you think ‘other’ is other than you.

You are the one who is benefiting.

You don’t realise everything you do is for you.
Your spirit is expanding back into itself.
It is growing back into its fullness of Love.

~ Mooji 

In the truest sense subtitles seva works through grace and what you truly need is an open heart and surrendered being to allow this seva to flow through you. Subtitles seva beings testify that when they fully allow grace to work through them it’s truly ‘doing but not doing’. In seva we recognise that we are truly That which is beyond doing and not doing.

It’s best to sit quietly in that space which Guruji unceasingly points to each time before you begin the seva.

Practical Aspects
We use a free online tool called Amara for creating and translating our beloved Guruji’s words in the form of subtitles. As a new translator you will need to create a free user account on Amara.
Check out these short videos on how easy it is to work on Amara.

The flow
  • We create subtitles for videos on the Moojiji Channel on Youtube. 
  • We are organised into teams by language. Each team has one or more coordinators.
  • English subtitles are created first. The English subtitles are then translated into many languages. 
  • All subtitles are proofread before going live.

Getting Started on your first video
  •         Once you confirm your wish to join the seva by writing to and completing some formalities, you will be contacted by your language coordinator who will guide you to your first video.
  •         Your coordinator will also share language specific guidelines with you, within which your translations should flow.
  •         Your coordinator would assign you a short video to get started with. If you feel moved to create subtitles to a certain video, it’s good to check with your coordinator before starting as chances are it may be assigned to someone else. Most beings also prefer for coordinators to assign them a video.
  •         AS A RULE, we request you to not start subtitling a video into your own language if it hasn’t got English captions yet. You can write to if you want to create subtitles in English for a certain video.
  •         Each language has a Glossary that is co-created organically while creating subtitles for many videos. Hence, it’s best to follow it for certain words and phrases that Guruji uses frequently.
  •         Remember to save your subtitles work regularly, so as to not lose what you have worked on so far. Once you finish translating your first video, a proofreader would be assigned to review your translation. We have found that getting together on Skype or on a call with the proofreader to review the translation together is most effective for open communication to achieve the best possible subtitles for the purpose of sharing Moojibaba’s pointings. You may receive some feedback on your translation mostly based on guidelines and choice of words. It is encouraged to receive this feedback openly and if you feel some changes are not in sync with fragrance of Guruji’s pointings, share it with the proofreader.
  •         We are all learning in this seva and giving and receiving feedback is all part of the flow of creating the best subtitles that we can as a team. Grace has brought all of us together in this beautiful seva to share Guruji’s pointings with the world. May we receive each aspect of this seva as Prasad of God!
Where can you view these subtitles?
For detailed guidelines and guidance on how to move with translations Click here.

If language of your choice is not present and you want to start subtitling in your language then write to us at


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